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source url Specialty drug use and spending is out of control. In the US alone, spending on specialty drugs will quadruple to $400 billion by 2020.

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go here Pinscriptive leverages Big Data analytics to identify the most clinically effective specialty medications at an optimal cost for a specific patient.


http://evolutionseries.com/?portfolio=world-percussion-2-0-midibits We’re ushering in an era of precision analytics that will drive precision medicine – enabling the exact right drug, for the exact right patient, all at an optimized value.

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Specialty Drug Cost is Out of Control

Can You Buy Provigil In Australia Specialty drugs account for just 2% of all medicines prescribed, yet they are on pace to comprise 50% of the drug spend in the next few years. Traditional approaches to drug utilization and cost management are simply not working. And biopharmaceutical pipelines are filled with new, high priced, innovative specialty drugs that continue to pressure health care budgets around the world.

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Delivering Effective Outcomes

go here Pinscriptive is developing a unique big data analytics platform that combines real world clinical and economic cost data to recommend specialty drugs that produce the most effective health outcomes for patients at the best overall value.



A Solution for Innovative Specialty Medicines

Buy Cytotec Philippines Pinscriptive is giving payers, at-risk providers, physicians, and biopharmaceutical manufacturers the ability shift from a volume to a value model through precision analytics; eliminating inappropriate specialty drug use and lowering the overall cost burden on the healthcare system.


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