Pinscriptive leverages Big Data analytics to identify the most clinically effective specialty medications at an optimal cost for individual patients.

We’re ushering in a new era of precision medicine – providing actionable intelligence that enables healthcare providers the ability to prescribe exactly the right drug, for the right patient, all at an optimized value.

Market Snapshot

Specialty Drugs account for 2% of all drugs sold, but by 2018 will be 50% of the spend for drugs. Pinscriptive uses advanced big-data analytics and collaborative approaches to identify the right drugs, for the right patient at the right time, therefore reducing cost and improving outcomes.  In essence, Pinscriptive will deliver evidence backed, value based decision support for at-risk providers and payers seeking to make the most appropriate specialty drug decision.

Customer Problem Solved

There is currently estimated to be up to $20billion in annual, solvable Specialty Rx inefficiencies in the US alone. By identifying which drugs are most effective for which patients (precision analytics for precision medicine) Pinscriptive can significantly reduce costs for providers and payers.  The business model also seeks to be collaborative with biopharma, as they too will face pay-for-performance pressures via risk-based contracting.


Pinscriptive will integrate real world data from EMRs, longitudinal claims data, bio marker, and patient UM & engagement data in both structured and unstructured format, via a set of proprietary algorithms to deliver specialty drug use and cost insights. Pinscriptive will make use of machine-learning and population analytics, leveraging existing knowledge and experience within the Frost Data Capital team.